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Surreal is a fundraising platform designed for festivals
and events that connects music artists to their fans and helps plan
unforgettable experiences, all while raising money for a select charity.


We Make A Match
We work with music festivals to raise money for a charity of their choice. Together we design an unforgettable experience for one winning fan and their guest.
You Donate
Donate to our charity partner for as little as $5. The more you donate, the more you increase your odds of winning the experience.
Everyone Wins
Regardless of the outcome, everyone wins through positive exposure, the chance to do good, and the charity  receives at least 85% of the net proceeds*.
(Only 2.6% + $0.30 Shopify fees are deducted).


In our first full year, Surreal has donated over $100,000 to charity partners, and our goal in 2018 is to donate over $250,000. We believe in letting you know how much money is raised throughout this process and what type of measurable impact our donations have. At the end of each campaign, we will let our customers know the exact dollar amount donated to our charity partners. 

Surreal Community

We are excited to be building a community of music lovers, events, artists, fans, brands and charities all working towards the same cause. We are planning on rolling out with amazing volunteer opportunities in the
space as well as discounts on select brands for members of the Surreal community.


Surreal’s “Charity Match” program provides an easy way to connect with a cause they care about, and instantly get matched with one of the hundreds of charities that are pre-vetted, and able to provide measurable impact on how they are using our donation. On top of this, both music festivals and music artists can let us know a charity partner that they want to fundraise for.


We have unique relationships with brand partners who help sponsor campaigns. Our goal is to create a natural alignment and make sure brands are the right fit for the charity and influencer for every campaign. Brands range from airlines, hotels, food & beverage, apparel and social media apps. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing a brand sponsorship at