About Us

We are a clothing store that has been around for over 10 years. We’ve always had the best stuff for festival clothing. But, when we started to see so much of the same stuff everywhere we decided to change that. We wanted to bring something new to the party. We wanted to give people a reason to come back. So we set out to make the newest & coolest stuff. We wanted to give people the opportunity to dress up like they’re the showstopper at every rave. So, we started Give Surreal.

As a team of three college students who loved Raves, Hip Hop, and Fashion, we wanted to start a business that focused on Festival Culture. We love fashion and we want to help people express their individuality through fashion. We started with rave apparel and we quickly realized that we weren’t just making rave apparel. We were creating clothes for people who love raves, and who love fashion. We wanted to create a store that helped people find their own style and look unique. We created Give Surreal because we wanted to help others find their style and express their individuality.