which is the best music festival in the US

EDC vs Coachella: Which is the Best Music Festival in the US?

If you’re a music festival regular, you know that every single one of them is unique in its own way. Some have a more indie vibe, while others are more mainstream. Some are weekend-long raves, while other are week-long camping trips—even the weather can make a difference. Between EDC vs Coachella, it’s easy to be torn when choosing which one to attend because they really are two very different festivals with the same goal: to give attendees an unforgettable experience.

Both Coachella and EDC include big names like Kanye West and Skrillex on their lineups; both offer late-night parties as well as poolside events; and at both venues, you can expect to see some outrageous outfits. With similarities like these, it’s tough to choose which one is better!

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EDC vs Coachella: Which is the Better Festival?

We’re comparing the two festivals to find out which one is better, so that you can decide which one to attend.


When it comes to EDC, it’s hard to beat the lineup. With Kanye West, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, and many more headlining the lineup, EDC is a festival that has it all.

Going to a Electric Daisy Carnival Music Festival is better when:

  • You enjoy a variety of music, love to dance the night away, and want to see some of your favorite artists live.
  • You just can’t get enough EDM, and you want an experience that goes well beyond just music.

You love unique venues and are more interested in avoiding large crowds than visiting every concert stage.

You’re not afraid of getting dirty, but you do have some reservations about getting up close and personal with thousands of drunk party animals.


The Coachella Music Festival has a reputation for being the most popular music festival in the country, and it’s not hard to see why.

Going to a Coachella Music Festival is better when:

  • You love music and have no problem going to a desert to see your favorite artist perform.
  • You’re looking for a festival that offers a little bit of everything.

Ultimately, you are the one who decides which music festival, EDC vs Coachella would you like to visit.

Cost Difference

It’s a no-brainer that festivals are expensive. You’re looking at hundreds of dollars just for the ticket alone, without counting all the other expenses. It is important to know these costs so you can plan your budget accordingly and make sure you’ll have enough money to enjoy yourself.

While it is expected that music festivals will cost a lot, there actually is quite a big difference in cost between EDC and Coachella.

At Coachella, you need to pay $429 for a general admission pass and $999 for VIP tickets. The total cost would depend on how many days you want to go with the festival; it could either be 1 weekend or 2 weekends, depending on what artists you are planning to see.

On the other hand, EDC sells general admission passes for about $320 and VIP passes for around $700. This covers 3 full days of nonstop partying.

If we calculate this based on price per day, then EDC is cheaper than Coachella since they both offer similar services (such as access to amenities, stage viewing areas) but only differ in duration. This means that even if you choose the more expensive option when it comes to EDC (VIP Pass), overall, it still costs less than going with Coachella.

EDC vs Coachella: The People

The kinds of people you see and interact with at a music festival is one of the most important factors when considering which one to go to. Popular music festivals offer an inclusive, vibrant and diverse atmosphere that attracts people from all around the world. You will be spending your entire weekend rubbing shoulders with people from all walks of life, so it is important that you are comfortable and enjoy being in their company.

Types of people at Electric Daisy carnival vs types of people at Coachella

EDC Crowd: The overall crowd at EDC is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Everyone knows they’re at a party, and they’re all looking to have a good time. People come from far reaches of the globe to attend EDC, making for an exciting mix of cultures. It is common for festival-goers at EDCoachella to make friends with complete strangers, as everyone just wants to have fun together in a very unjudgmental atmosphere.

Coachella Crowd: The Coachella crowd is also friendly, but it is much more subdued. People are there to listen to music and enjoy themselves, so they tend to be a bit more reserved. However, there are a few groups of people that make up the majority of the crowd.

EDC vs Coachella: The Location

EDC is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coachella is held in Indio, California. Both festivals occur over two weekends. EDC is held at the Las Vegas Speedway and is an all-night festival where you can see your favorite artists perform. EDC features an over-the-top production of lights, fireworks, pyrotechnics and lasers at their stages. EDC focuses on electronic dance music but also brings in pop artists like Miley Cyrus and Bastille to their lineups each year.

Coachella is a large music festival held in the desert of Indio, California. The venue that hosts Coachella each year has a fairgrounds set up with multiple smaller stages to accommodate more artists than they have time slots for on their two main stages known as the “Outdoor Stage” and the “Coachella Stage”. There are various music genres represented but since 2012 Coachella has made a point to feature more electronic artists on their lineup each year than they had previously used to include. The venue that hosts Coachella each weekend offers many options for camping or reserving hotel rooms if you want to make a getaway weekend out of your visit!

So, both EDC coachella have their own different vibes.

EDC vs Coachella: The Music

Coachella is famous for featuring more rock and indie music, whereas EDC is known for its electronic dance music. That said, both festivals cover a wide range of genres. This year at EDC Vegas, you can expect to hear a variety of electronic DJs and live acts including Rezz, Above & Beyond, Tiesto and Alison Wonderland. Coachella will feature a diverse lineup of artists ranging from artists such as Ariana Grande and Kacey Musgraves to Billie Eilish and Kid Cudi.

For some people, the acts are the most important part when it comes to choosing between attending Coachella or EDC. If your favorite artist is playing at one festival but not the other, then that decision might be made for you already!

Both festivals also feature smaller ‘side shows’ throughout Las Vegas or Los Angeles in which you can see some of your favorite artists perform at venues with free admission when you buy tickets to either festival (this does not include hotel rooms). If you’re attending Coachella but really want to see an EDC act play in a club nearby after the fest ends each day, then that option may be available to you!

Alternatively, if there’s an artist on the Coachella lineup who catches your eye but isn’t quite your style – like Billie Eilish – then checking out her show for free could be an excellent opportunity for you!

EDC vs Coachella: The Activities

Concert experiences are intrinsic to the overall festival experience. There’s also art and entertainment, as well as other activities.

Coachella offers a wide range of entertainment, including comedians, dance-offs, art installations and a Ferris wheel. It also has food courts featuring specialty foods from around the world. The festival is famous for its celebrity-sightings too!

EDC is unique in that it offers camping on site. You can rent an RV to camp in or you can bring your own tent. EDC has many art installations including pyrotechnics and lightshows on stage that have no equivalent at Coachella.

EDC vs Coachella: The Venues

The venue of the two festivals is very similar. Both are outdoor with stages in different areas. Both have VIP areas and multiple stages. There is still a difference in the venues, however. Coachella has a more spread out venue than EDC, which allows for more room and less congestion in between stages. Also, Coachella has a wider variety of music so you will be able to find any type of music you like at any stage!

EDC vs Coachella: The Experience

Both festivals are held in the desert and offer camping experiences. EDC is over-the-top with lights, lasers, and insane stage productions. There are rides at the festival, including a ferris wheel that you can ride at night (pretty much just for an excuse to be lifted high above the crowd). In contrast, Coachella is more about the people; you won’t find circus performers or any kind of rides. Instead, you’ll find an overabundance of tie dye clothing and flower crowns on beautiful people who look like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. People go to Coachella to see celebrities and socialize (read: get lit) more than anything else.

When it comes down to it, if you’re into electronic dance music (EDM), EDC will probably be a better choice for you than Coachella. If you have more eclectic tastes in music or just want to party like there’s no tomorrow with some of the hottest people around Coachella will be a good fit.

EDC vs Coachella: The Food

The festival is also a major highlight of the year for foodies thanks to a unique lineup of vendors that includes industry staples, local favorites, and newcomers. The most notable aspect of Coachella’s food scene is the constantly rotating roster of eateries. Every year attendees can look forward to enjoying a completely new set of restaurants while previous years’ menus are replaced with fresh options. This makes it easy to visit this music festival several times throughout your lifetime and never get bored with the food.

Given its more affordable ticket prices, EDC also offers reasonably priced food vendors that range from healthy smoothie bowls to greasy pizzas and everything in between. For EDM fans on a tight budget, this festival is an excellent choice since you’ll have no trouble finding something delicious without breaking the bank.

EDC vs Coachella: The Best Time to Attend

If you’re more concerned with the weather, then it’s worth checking out when each festival takes place. EDC is celebrated in May and Coachella in April. However, if you’re a fan of the warm weather and don’t mind sweating your way through a rave, then perhaps May would be best suited for you. On the other hand, April can get quite chilly at night, so pack some warm clothes if raves aren’t your thing but you still want to attend.


So there you have it. We’ve talked about the ins and outs of EDC vs Coachella, the differences between both festivals and what makes them unique. We have given you a sense of how to make the most out of your experience at each one. We hope that this guide has been enlightening and helpful in giving you more insight into these two music festival giants.

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